How To Save Your Blog's Income From Ad-Blockers?

watch_later Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Have you seen a reduction in the earnings from your AdSense or any other ads? However your traffic is the same or is there more than that? 
Then you are not alone at all. This is happening with all the bloggers all over the world, and in this article we are going to know how you can solve this problem.

Ad Blocking Technology (which blocks ads from being displayed), the life of incoming and current bloggers is being challenged in terms of revenue. It is true that you can make the web faster by Adblock and make your experience even better, but it is caused by bloggers and other web publishers. Many bloggers like us understand that by not blocking ads, they support other bloggers and appreciate their content. But on today's date most people on the internet are using ad blocker so that their web experience is great. I do not even blame them, because when you open any webpage and many ads open in front of you, it is quite annoying. But what do you and innocent bloggers like me whose revenue will be reduced to such a day-by-day? Today you will know how you can stop Ad-block from harming your revenue so that you do not have to close your blog due to a negligible revenue. This post I am about to share with you the tips that I have researched. I would like to take suggestions from you about it too. When it comes to monetization, we can divide our blog into three major categories.

  • First of all, blogs that come from Affiliate Marketing earn money.
  • The second number comes in blogs that are managed by a brand.
  • The third number of blogs that earn money from third party ad networks such as AdSense.

Most of us start blogging from third-class blogs only. We use AdSense to generate revenue from our blog or any other such ad network. We have written many blog posts about AdSense before you can read by clicking on the link below.

Basically, ad networks do something like:

You signup for their service and put their ads code in your theme, wherever you have to show ads, such as in widgets or sidebars.

If none of the steps mentioned above is completed, you are not paid. Now AdBlocker is something that does not allow ads to load.

If you are from third category, your blogging business is in a heavy risk. Before I talk to you about the solution to this problem, let us know what ad blocking is and how it works.

What are Adblockers?
In terms of Asana, adblocker is such a software, browser extension or a mobile app that prevents the ad from loading on a page.
If an adblocker extension is installed in your web browser, you will see a blank space at the place of ads.
This eliminates the entire clutter of the webpage and also decreases the page loading time for the visitor.
In the case of a publisher, you do not get any ad impression and you can not make any money from such views.

How to know if your blog is also affected by AdBlockers?

So all blogs that support third party advertisements such as AdSense, are affected by AdBlockers. To learn how much your blog affects it, you can simply compare views of your Google Analytics views and Google AdSense's page views. If you see the difference then you will know.

Adblockers mostly affect tech blogs because their readers are so smart and keep the adblocker installed.

So how to save your blog from Adblockers?

So, as Adblocking is getting a lot going up, the idea of ​​following the steps below will be great. There are many levels you can work on. In this you can do the job of requesting the user to close the adblock and preventing it from browsing the web page.

Move on Native Advertising
This is probably the best way to tamper with adblockers and to save the income of your blog. Adblocking software works to read your page code and then compare them with your list of advertisements. If they get a match, they stop loading that object.
In the case of Native Advertising, all the resources of advertisements such as images are stored on your host and can not be blocked.

Be more dependent on Affiliate Marketing.

If you put more emphasis on affiliate marketing than not having source advertising networks of your blog, you will be benefited greatly and you can also avoid adblockers. 

Create a mobile app
Now more than 50% of Google searches begin with mobile phones.

If you have a mobile app for your blog, the more difficult it is to block ads. Quality apps run on their own talents and they are not dependent on the web browser and then they can not be affected by any adblock plugin on any page.

I know that creating a great app for both Android and iOS will cost a lot, but once everything is done, you will feel that your hosting resources are not being wasted by an ad blocker plugin.

WordPress Plugins to Disable Adblockers

Notify users to white-list your site and disable Adblock
To do this, many plugins are available in the official plugin directory of WordPress. You can give notifications to your users to close the adblock or to whitelist your blog. By placing an Adblocking plugin you can show this message only to these users who have installed the adblocker extension in their web browser.

This notice can show your users something like this.


If you adopt this approach, please make your message as good and intuitive as possible.

Prevent Adblockers from Viewing Your Post

You can also install some plugins in your WordPress blog that lets you hide all your content from those people who use adblockers. But one is not an recommended option. 

If you find it difficult to avoid the Adblocker, then you should think of new ways to earn money from your blog such as paid posts.

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