Best Method To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Website

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This is the percentage of visitors to a particular website that leaves the site after seeing any one page on that site. In other words, this is the % of those who see only one page at a time on your site and go somewhere else.

As I would like to see that our site's bounce rate is 45.93%, it means that 45.93% of the total number of visitors who visit our site are those who had just opened one page on our site.

Now think of yourself, the website's bounce rate will be the least, the better it will be.

If we talk about the exact bounce rate, then it should be less than 15%. The sites receiving a bounce rate of less than 10% are among the millions. If bounce rate is more than 90% it means that people are not interested in your site. Generally, the bounce rate of medium level websites ranges from 40% to 80%.

Here are some of the bounce rates for different types of websites:

Website with content -  40-60%
Lead Generating Websites - 30-50%
Blogs - 70-98%
Retail business sites - 20-40%
Websites that provide services - 10-30%
Landing Pages - 70-90%

I have already cleared up One thing, lower the bounce rate, the better it is for your website. So you have to quickly learn about how to reduce the bounce rate.

How to reduce the Bounce Rate?
During research that some websites were just adding the other lengths of the article by adding additional topics instead of telling the methods. For this reason I have given below the best 3 effective ways to reducing the bounce rate of your website or blog.

1. Attract  Visitors 
Now think of yourself that someone who likes games, would like to open science and reading websites a little bit. So try to bring only those people to your websites who are interested in your niche. Make attractive post to attract visitors to your site. For this you choose the right keywords for your content.
Create multiple pages on your website or blog with lots of unique content. 

2. Make Excellent Usability
No one would want to open a website that is not good at appearing or that the experience of browsing different pages is not good.
People who do not have good navigation on this site, there is a lot of problem in browsing and surfing. You have to do something that readers would like to visit and browse on your site. 
Choose the best fonts and keep your text size so sure that it is easy to read. Do not use too bright and very light colors. Put a combination of colors and other visual items in the theme of your site so that people like it and they want to browse your site more. 

Make sure your website is responsive and has a great way to open on every single display and device. It is most important to make your site mobile friendly because nowadays mobile traffic is more than a desktop traffic.

3. Reduce Page Load Time
Page Load Time is a very important factor for any website. Apart from this, for higher rank in Search Engine, your website's loading time should be at least as it is also an important SEO factor.

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Superb explanation & it's too clear to understand the concept as well, keep sharing admin with some updated information with right examples.Keep update more posts.

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